Marc Moskovitz,
With son Adin
Marc and his family: 
Barb and the girls (from left to right):
Alyra, Leila and Eve, with our dogs Eli and Cowboy

Marc with MONTAGE pianist Debra Ayers
With fellow Tanglewood Tour riders Steve and Joel Stockard

In 2011, Marc, along with pianist Debra Ayers, appeared as guest  of the International Piatti Festival in Bergamo, Italy.   The concert, which played to a full house, featured the music of Piatti, Popper and Zemlinsky. 

"The voyage of the cello festival dedicated to the great musician from Bergamo,  
 Alfredo Piatti, added a lovely slice to its fifth season on Sunday afternoon.  Moskovitz played with an overall expressiveness, beautiful sound, intense     but never excessively passionate, with great attention to the musical line..."   L'eco Bergamo  
For more details visit the festival site:

At the Piatti Festival, Bergamo Italy

Marc performing music from 
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 
with ProMusica Columbus

With Margorie Bagley, Debra Ayers and Bruce Creditor, members of the
MONTAGE Music Society, at the Chautauqua Festival, summer of 2010.

Marc and Gary Hoffman,
Columbus, OH, 2010
Click here for information about Marc's Durham-based Trinity Park Salon Series