Marc Moskovitz,

Alexander Zemlinsky:  A Lyric Symphony

Drawing on a wealth of primary and secondary material, Marc Moskovitz details the life and work of Alexander Zemlinsky, one of Vienna’s most gifted musicians. From the opera house to the coffee house, Moskovitz follows the career and musical development of a critical yet often overlooked figure, a champion of modern music who remained true to his classical pedigree, an artist living among yet in the shadow of musical giants and a victim of musical politics and world wars.

From Zemlinsky’s early success as a composer and widely recognized achievements as a conductor to his eventual descent into obscurity, this new biography places Zemlinsky against the backdrops of Vienna, Prague and Berlin and illuminates his relationships with figures like Johannes Brahms, Alma Schindler, Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg.  Moskovitz’s exploration of Zemlinsky’s songs, operas, choral works, chamber music and symphonic compositions follows the composer’s search for a distinctly personal sound, revealing an artist caught up in the music of his time yet unwilling to abandon his 19th century roots.  


...both readable and authoritative, filling out the background in ways which even readers familiar with the many available histories of Viennese culture around and after 1900 and with more elaborate accounts of European politics and warfare between 1914 and 1945 should find fresh and engaging...leaves no doubt of just how complex and how crucial Zemlinsky's personal and professional relationships were.   

     —Gramophone Magazine

A painstaking and generally elegantly written monograph...[Moskovitz] has gone far towards ensuring [Zemlinsky] his rightful place in the artistic pantheon.

     —London Musical Times

Moskovitz's narrative [is] presented in clear and accessible language...This book goes a long way towards filling a gap in the Zemlinsky literature...will undoubtedly inspire future interest in Zemlinsky's life and music, among music lovers and scholars alike.



—MLA Notes

Marc D. Moskovitz's [a] milestone...

Moskovitz constructs a lively presentation of his subject and his time...[and] does this composer, whom he clearly reveres, the honor of a concise, shapely and objective biography.

             —OPERA NEWS

Moskovitz lays down the narrative of Zemlinsky's life in prose that is clear, direct, and engaging. He expertly describes Zemlinsky's music...splendid.

WCPE's Quarter Notes

Readers interested in the history of modern conducting, Austrian and German musical culture in the first half of the 20th century, musical modernism, and the relationship between modernism and Nazism will find this book especially useful.


Alexander Zemlinsky:  A Lyric Symphony includes an Afterward by conductor James Conlon and a complete discography of Zemlinsky recordings.

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Beethoven's Cello is the ideal companion for cellists, pianists, musicologists and chamber-music devotees desiring a comprehensive understanding of this beloved repertoire. Scheduled for publication in October, 2017. For more information, click here: Boydell&Brewer
In 1796 the young Beethoven presented his first two cello sonatas at the court of Frederick William II, an avid cellist and the reigning Prussian monarch. Released in print the next year, these revolutionary sonatas forever altered the cello repertoire by fundamentally redefining the relationship between the cello and the piano and promoting their parity. Beethoven continued to develop the potential of the duo partnership in his three other cello sonatas - the lyrical and heroic Op. 69 and the two experimental sonatas Op. 102, No. 1 and No. 2, transcendent compositions conceived on the threshold of the composer's late style.
In Beethoven's Cello, Marc D. Moskovitz and R. Larry Todd examine these seminal cornerstones of the cello repertoire and place them within their historical and cultural context. Also considered in a series of interludes are Beethoven's three variation sets, his cello-centric 'Triple' Concerto, and arrangements for cello and piano of other works. Two other interludes address the cellos owned by Beethoven and the changing nature of his pianos. Featuring a preface by renowned cellist Steven Isserlis and concluding with translated reviews of the composer's cello music published during his lifetime, Beethoven's Cello is the ideal companion for cellists, pianists, musicologists and chamber-music devotees desiring a comprehensive understanding of this beloved repertoire.
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